family name: Muylaert
surname: Rob
born: June 1st, 1945
address: Bontebrug 6
NL 7064 LK Silvolde   the Netherlands
e-mail: email naar Rob Muylaert Keramiek

1988 -1994 Member of the board / chairman "NVK"-Dutch Ceramists Association
2001 - 2006 Member of the board / vice-chairman
1998 - today webmaster "NVK"
1992,1996,1998 study trips to Japan 
1987 IWCAT, five weeks working period in Japan
1989 private working period in Japan
sept. - nov. 2000 organizer exchange Dutch and Japanese Ceramists
2004 study trip to Australia

During study on the Art Academy, for qualification teaching arts and crafts, mainly engaged with sculpturing and small figure bronze-casting. In 1983 a few years after finishing Art-education started with ceramics.
In 1987 participant of IWCAT workshop in Japan followed in 1989 by a private working period in Japan. Both having an strong influence on techniques and vision.

Work is thrown and hand-build stoneware, mostly single pieces. Firing, reduced to 1285° Celsius.
All glazes are self-made mostly from wood-ash and local clay. Colours are mainly iron based. Coloured glazes are used only for smaller decorations. Decoration images and techniques are influenced by the journeys to Japan.

April 1989 Gallery "Kunst en Keramiek", Deventer NL
Oct. 1989 Gallery "Belarte", Leuven Belgium--European and Japanese ceramists
July-Aug. 1990 Perspectiven der Keramik, Kapfenstein Austria--international group exhibition
Jan.-Mr. 1991 Gallery "JA" ,Eindhoven NL--group exhibition
May-July 1992 Gallery "Desudé", Udenhout NL--group exhibition
Oct. 1993 "GB", Zelhem NL--six Dutch and French ceramists
Aug. 1994 International Ceramic Exhibition, Tokoname Japan--group exhibition
Sept.-Nov. 1995 Art Gallery "Het Posthuys", Texel NL
Jan.-Mr. 1996 "GB", Zelhem Netherlands--jubilee exhibition
Mr. -April 1997 Galerie "Inez van Schooneveld", Oudeschans NL
Oct. 1997 Kerkje "de Rietstap" Dinxperlo NL
Dec.98 - Jan 1999 Bel-Arte, Belfeld NL
April - June 1999 Gallery "Desudé", Udenhout NL
June - Sept. 2000 Galerie en Beeldentuin 'De Ringeloor', Gilze NL
 Oct. - Nov. 2000 Kyouei-gama gallery, Tokoname Japan
April - Oct. 2001 Galerie Boudewijn, Boertange NL
April - Oct. 2002 Galerie Boudewijn, Boertange NL
Jan - 2003 Galerie 'Instock" Oegstgeest
April - Oct. 2003 Osseklei, group exhibition NVK,Losser NL
Oct - Dec 2004 Coup de Bols, Hastière, Belgium
April - May 2005 Oñati, Spain; Telleria Basserriko Jala 2005
Dec. 2005 Galery BRAK, Voorburg NL